Day 596 – Independence Day

IMG_5712As I was walking home from the hairdressers last night I noticed a large stage being erected near my house. I remember this happening in April 2012. I remember seeing a congregation of people in traditional dress and a series of tents erected as I jumped on the bus to Korean class.

IMG_5713Today the school held a special ceremony which meant that I had no classes to teach. The ceremony was connected to the stage near my house. On March 1 Korea celebrates Independence Day, when it was liberated from Japan.

IMG_5714Today’s ceremony was a memorial for that occasion.

IMG_5715And they really went all out for it. The entire student population congregated in the playground, along with the teachers and other guests. There was a brass band to play the national anthem, and female dancers dressed in traditional hanbok performed a ceremonial dance. Everybody had a flag and were encouraged to wave them at specific moments.

IMG_5716I couldn’t follow the MC’s directions as he spoke in Korean, but I relished the chance to be outside on such a beautiful spring day.

IMG_5717IMG_5718IMG_5721This last photo is of me with the Vice Principal, a lovely lady.

I also took a video of the event and put it on Youtube.


About michaelhollin

Originally from Leeds, England, I am now an English teacher in Ulsan, South Korea. I am a graduate of the University of Huddersfield’s Business School and The College of Law Chester. I self-published my novel A Cause for Concern in September 2010.
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