Day 565 – Back Into the Swing

picToday is the first day of back to business as normal, with the first classes of the new semester taking place.

My alarm failed to go off so I got to school about 3 minutes before the first class was due to start! I had five 6th grade classes with Jennifer.

I was interested to see what the chemistry would be like with this combination. I am glad that Jennifer, the strict but fair authoritarian, will be teaching the new grade 6’s, which are my least favourite students in the whole school – incredibly low-level and with the most disruptive behaviour.

Jennifer even remarked at lunchtime how low-level they are, after giving them a test at the end of the class to determine their capabilities. But I think with Jennifer’s stricter teaching style the students’ behaviour will be kept more in check, which can only be a good thing.

Before the test we introduced ourselves and gave them an introductory lecture about English, why it should be studied, and the rules of the classroom.

The statistics were interesting. For example, by population Chinese is the most widely spoken language in the world, followed by Spanish, with English coming in 3rd place.

By the number of countries who speak that language, English comes in first, French second and Arabic third (115 countries around the world speak English, 35 speak French and 24 speak Arabic).

English is also the most influential language in the world. French came in second and Spanish third, so that leads me to believe that by influential they are talking historically about the three biggest empires who would have enforced their language upon other nations after invading and occupying them.

English is also the biggest language by number of internet users around the world, with Chinese coming in second and Spanish third.

The sun is getting stronger. 15 degees today. I’ve taken to spending at least half an hour in the playground every day to get that vital vitamin D on my face.

As I left school I ran into two middle school girls that I used to teach over a year ago when they were elementary students – Ann and Katie. Ann used to bring me my milk in the afternoons and Katie was in my very first winter camp in January 2012. Both were really nice students so it was great to see them again after twelve months.

They walked part of the way home with me (their hagwan was in the same direction) and we talked about how they were getting on at middle school.



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Originally from Leeds, England, I am now an English teacher in Ulsan, South Korea. I am a graduate of the University of Huddersfield’s Business School and The College of Law Chester. I self-published my novel A Cause for Concern in September 2010.
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